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Pedagogical Methods

Salguero, C. Pierce. 2021. “Buddhist Healthcare in Philadelphia: An Ethnographic Experiment in Student-Centered, Engaged, and Inclusive Pedagogy.” Religions12.6; https://doi.org/10.3390/rel12060420.


Note on IRB

This project was reviewed by the IRB at Penn State University. It was determined that the project does not meet the definition of human subject research because “the data being collected is about the temples and not about the individuals.” Our survey questions focus on the activities and features of institutions, and not on the opinions or experiences of specific individuals. This project may be used as the baseline for further research that does involve human subjects, but any such projects would need to be reviewed by the respective IRBs of the principal investigators separately. The data collected via those subsequent studies are not included on this website; however, publications describing the results of such studies may be posted in the Articles section. Any scholars participating in this project are encouraged to seek IRB approval or exemption as needed from their own institutions.