The Jivaka Project

Our project is named after the Buddha's doctor, Jīvaka, a revered figure from Buddhist scripture. It explores the role of Buddhist institutions, practices, and cultural orientations in the health landscape of Greater Philadelphia. We seek to bring more diverse voices into the contemporary conversation about Buddhism and wellbeing. We hope this site will be a useful resource and conversation-starter for teaching and research projects related to American Buddhism, religious pluralism, and the intersections between religion and healthcare in the contemporary U.S.

Buddhism & Healthcare in Philadelphia

What is Buddhist healing? Who is a Buddhist healer? Our definitions are intentionally broad in order to be maximally inclusive. For the purposes of this project, we define Buddhist healing as any and all forms of healing (including traditional Asian medicine, biomedicine, psychological and social therapies, and more) that are embraced by, endorsed by, and practiced within local Buddhist communities and institutions. We define Buddhist healers as practitioners of any form of health care that understand that to be an extension or application of their Buddhist practices, beliefs, or principles. We invite you to begin to explore these intersections by visiting one of the six themes to the right, looking up a specific location in the Finder, or accessing some articles about the project.