Buddhism & Breath Summit

The Buddhism and Breath Summit is an online resource exploring Buddhist practices of working with the breath and/or bodily “winds.” Thirteen scholars and practitioners address how Buddhist presentations of breath, “wind” or “life force” (prāṇa in Sanskrit, qi in Chinese, rlung in Tibetan, or lom in Thai, for example) have influenced contemplative, philosophical, and medical theories and practices in Buddhist traditions. The B&B Summit includes a pre-recorded conversation between the panelists as well as video presentations and supplementary educational resources, all publicly and freely available (see below).

The Buddhism and Breath Summit webinar was held Sept. 17, 2021, co-hosted by Frances Garrett and Pierce Salguero. This event was co-sponsored by the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Toronto and Jivaka.net.

Panelist Presentations (Video Format)


Practice Perspectives

Critical Lenses

Focus on Tibet

Panelist Presentations (Audio Format)